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Vinyasa Flow
Experience creative, fluid and flowing sequences in an invigorating practice which connects movement and breath together, all designed to take you deeper in your body & mind.

Gentle Flow

Slow Flow (gentle classes, targeting beginners through to our over 55’s)
Practice at a pace that allows you to go deeper by moving consciously and purposefully through the flow of the class. With longer holds, slower transitions and a focus on alignment, you are able to cultivate a spaciousness with your body, mind & heart. Perfectly suitable for all ages and levels. 

A well balanced practice that explores the complimentary forces of both yang and yin within our physical, emotional and energetic beings. Begin with an energising, dynamic flow, before progressing into a nurturing yin sequence for a deep, meditative stretch.

Relax & Restore
Experience luxurious rest, rejuvenation and a sense of deep relaxation in this class which includes meditation, restorative yoga, and yin – all to encourage a deep settling of the nervous system, and centering within body, mind and spirit.


Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is the lifestyle practice of the modern day. The practice powerfully clears the dense vibration frequencies of stress, anxiety, foggy brain and low motivation and swiftly powers up the physical body, brain and nervous system with life force to set you back on your feet, rejuvenate your sense of hope and optimism and set the life course dial onto thriving.

Yin Yoga
A slower, deeper & more passive approach to the yoga practice. Poses are held for long periods of time to find a deep, meditative stretch.  This style targets the connective tissues and uses principles of Chinese Medicine to promote the flow of ‘Chi’ throughout the body.

Align & Flow (Iyengar or Anusara background/training)
These intelligently sequenced classes have a strong focus on finding proper alignment of the body in coordination with the breath through the use of specific verbal instruction. Perfect for deepening your understanding of postures and cultivating body awareness.


Emma Parker – Reniewick

Emma has been teaching Yoga since 2017 and it has opened her eyes to the humble possibilities of opening your heart and mind fully to the present moment. This journey has led her to leave the corporate world behind to learn more about the nature of yoga and the yoga of nature. Yoga has truely transformed her life in so many ways and Emma endeavours to share the same to all her students. Bringing inspiration from old wisdoms and new learnings to her classes, she hopes to assist you to connect with your intuition through movement and breath. She hopes to bring an inclusive and genuine nature to her classes, so we can all grow and bloom together on this journey called life.

Rosalyn Lim

Rosalyn Lim is a certified teacher in yoga and has been a practitioner for over 15 years. Through her journey she has explored many different yoga styles and has studied under some of the world’s leading yoga teachers. Prior to her move to Queensland with her husband and children, she studied intensively under the tutelage of Eoin McCarthy at the Melbourne Ashtanga Yoga Centre.

Ros’ yoga classes incorporate dynamic flowing posture sequences with mindfulness techniques as well as guided meditation. Classes have a key focus on the use of the breath to guide the movement of the body. She steers away from ‘cookie cutter’ yoga and is highly passionate about tailoring to the individual student, believing in the life changing benefits of the practice.

Martina Tanzi

Martina is an Italian Yoga Instructor and Handbalancer who is really passionate about spreading her love for yoga and enabling others to find magic and healing powers through her practice. She has been learning, practising and teaching Yoga for over 6 years and her passion has led her to search out her own personal development throughout Eastern countries such as Thailand, bringing her into contact with many different lineages, schools and masters. With a deeper understanding of yoga practice as an ever evolving process, rather than a finalized system, and as a tool for evolution of a human being, rather than a goal itself, she focuses her dynamic, challenging, energetic and nurturing flows on breath and postural alignment, allowing students to cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and a profound connection between body, mind and soul

Mabel Ang
RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Australia
Certified Anusara Inspired™ Teacher

Mabel is a yoga and meditation teacher from Australia. Having constant transitions across the globe as a young lady, Mabel found the practice of yoga to bring a deeper sense of value and balance into her life. She’s an advocate of safe physical practice and pushing the higher conversation of why we choose to move our bodies the way we do. Having done extensive training and mentorship with esteemed teachers Noah Maze, Julie Smerdon, Elena Brower, Lizzie Lasater and Lorin Roche and over 5 years of teaching she’s offering these tools back into every community she steps into. Her classes are skilfully curated to be a greater exploration between physical alignment in asana, flow and our breath, weaved in with heartfelt contemplation to guide our bodies back to its most authentic expression and intuition. 

Suzie Kellett

Before she became a yoga teacher, Suzie Kellett spent 13 years as a police officer, specialising for 8 years as a crime scene investigator. The consistent exposure to traumatic events took a physical, physiological, and psychological toll and eventually led to a diagnosis of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, gastro oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) and stage 1 breast cancer. In 2014, Suzie medically retired and started to fully dedicate herself to her own healing through the study and application of yoga, yoga therapy and meditation. Suzie and has undergone a great deal study and practice with teachers from all around the world and is now the healthiest, and happiest she’s ever been. Her lineage stems from the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya, his son T. K. V Desikachar (yoga therapy) and Pattabhi Jois through (ashtanga method) and her ongoing practice is under the guidance of her primary teacher Mark Togni. Her deep dedication to her craft, her wealth of wisdom and her engaging and joyous teaching style make Suzie a much loved and engaging teacher. Suzie is a seasoned E-RYT-500 yoga teacher, a yoga therapist, personal trainer, massage therapist, mat pilates instructor, mindfulness coach, a student of Zen Buddhism, and is currently studying towards a diploma in remedial massage therapy and a degree in occupational therapy. Suzie specialises in teaching vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga and is seamlessly able to cater for a mixed class from the absolute beginner to the professional athlete. Suzie wraps up her experience, knowledge, and passion in delivering the highest quality yoga classes to her students.

Michelle Faraday

I offer a slower, mindful approach that emphasises how you feel, not how you look. I aim to provide a fun and relaxing learning space – as an antidote to our fast-paced lifestyle (and life stress!).

My passions are supporting mental wellbeing and healthy ageing; while exploring new ways to make yoga accessible to everyone – so you will always have plenty of options to support your needs and goals..

Your class with me will offer:

  • Mindful breath, awareness and meditation practices.
  • Physical postures and movements to gently improve strength, balance & mobility.
  • Guided deep relaxation to support recovery and resilience.

Most importantly, time out for you.

See you on the mat!

Stephanie Lawson

Stephanie Lawson has been practicing vinyasa yoga since the age of 20, and has been teaching both yoga and hot yoga for over 5 years across the Gold Coast. Clients describe her yogic approach as ‘technique with heart’. After completing her 200hr training in Hot Yoga (bikram) Stephanie went on to complete training in hot vinyasa flow, yin, kids/family/acro yoga and reiki. She is deeply interested in balancing yin/yang energies through each asana and through each class, to achieve a marriage of strength and softness. She also specialises in yin-reiki… it’s a wonder of energy and release. Your experience will be emotionally elevating and deeply grounding, as though your mind has been cleared and your internal energies balanced and replenished. She would describe her beloved personal practice as ’emotionally guided slow flow’, a beautiful and controlled vinyasa-based movement which falls somewhere between flow & dance, with a focus on core strength. Stephanie also weaves a little magic, meditation and philosophy into each class, adding layers to each student’s understanding of yoga as a way of life. Stephanie is a creative, energetic & vibrant solo mum, with two gorgeous girls 5 & 11 years. Come and meet her on the mat for a little transformation!


Kate Anthony

With over 20 years experience across multiple forms of yoga I believe I bring a wealth of knowledge to your Yoga practice. I specialise in a strength  based style of flow yoga where you can expect to gain agility, balance & muscle tone & improved core to enhance your well being in everyday life . However I believe each student is different & I always cater to the individual needs of students . 

I believe Yoga should be fun & IS for EVERYBODY…. I’m the teacher that will always encourage you to leave your baggage at the door & to smile & breathe throughout the class . I also like you to laugh at my jokes but that’s not essential ….. I’m a big believer in balance so there’s nothing wrong with that cheeky glass of wine or sweet treat at times .

Some other things about me ….. 

Mother of 3 spirited kids , I’m actually from Wales. I love:

  • the heat , 
  • to travel whenever I can , 
  • cats 
  • red wine & 
  • Sunrise over sunset but both are beautiful. 

I think I’m hilarious but not everyone agrees …. 

What do I love best about Yoga ? Everything ! my wish is for students to walk out of my class feeling a little stronger & lighter both physically but more importantly emotionally …..

Carly Ponter

Carly has a mixed mobility background including qualifications in a variety of different Yoga styles, Mat Pilates, Aerial Yoga, and Massage Therapy, and she utilise all of these elements to inform her teaching. This vast and varied body of knowledge helps her make the practice of yoga accessible to people of all ages, body types and backgrounds. You can expect classes with her to be centred firmly around education and personal empowerment, with a strong focus on anatomy and technical instruction. Her intention is to help you evolve mentally, physically & emotionally both on and off the mat. Classes will nearly always be sprinkled with a wee dash of gentle humour and playfulness too!

Leila McKail

Leila is a traditional Hatha, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher. 

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is the lifestyle practice of the modern day. The practice powerfully clears the dense vibration frequencies of stress, anxiety, foggy brain and low motivation and swiftly powers up the physical body, brain and nervous system with life force to set you back on your feet, rejuvenate your sense of hope and optimism and set the life course dial onto thriving.

Leila specialises in working with everyone. That’s because Kundalini Yoga excludes no one and benefits all. Every class is catered for beginners through to seasoned yogis. We have a saying in kundalini yoga.. “there is no level to achieve, only personal practice to enjoy”.