Benefits of the KDV Mini Sports program

Learn Through Play

A program that assists with the development of fundamental motor skills such as coordination, balance & agility.

Health & Well-being

Positive promotion of a healthy lifestyle & love of sport at a very early age to improve personal and academic leaning.

Sense of Inclusion

The development & growth of self esteem, self confidence, cooperation & persistence.

Childcare Centre Program Options

PARENT FUNDED $11/ session

KDV Mini Sport Staff offer a FREE promo session for all students aged 3-5years. We then send flyers home to the parents and place a sign-up sheet and promo sign at the centre entrance. KDV mini sport then deals directly with the families for bookings and payments. Families are charged $11/ session (family discounts available) via term invoice or direct debit. The program generally runs through the public school term dates (10 week blocks). Each time a child renews for another term they receive a FREE gift (T-Shirt, Bucket Hat, Drink Bottle or Bag). Students are only billed for sessions they attend. Missed sessions can be credited towards the next term.

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CENTRE FUNDED $85/ session

KDV Mini Sport offer a FREE promo of our program for all students aged 3-5 years. Your centre can then book a KDV Coach to run regular weekly sessions at a cost of $85/ session (up to 1 hour). These sessions can accommodate up to 24 children per session (2 groups of 12). Normally aimed at the Pre-school and Senior Kindy student rooms. Longer or shorter customized sessions can be arranged.

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